Monday, September 28, 2009

Busy week!

Well, we had two significant happenings in the Krodel household this past week. First, Gabriel had his first birthday!

It takes the help of a few siblings to blow out the candle.

And....let's dig in!

And here is one of the little guy up and around. He is starting to get this walking thing down pretty well.

As for the second significant happening.... my oldest is now an officially licensed driver. He turned 16 this past January but because of all that was going on in our lives, Scott being ill and having surgery and then moving and everything......Zach had to be patient about taking driver's training and getting his license. But, last Friday he took his test and passed. Congrats Zachary!

He is reluctant to have his picture taken but I found this one in the camera from whenever??? I don't even know who took it. (oh, and that is our lovely cat, Phoebe)
This is what I usually get when I try to take his picture.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Yep, my baby girl is a teenager now.

Yes, Hannah, only 3 candles on the cake. Wax candles don't do well in a moving truck. And, I didn't realize my candle stash was running so low that I wouldn't have enough for your birthday. Oops!

Maybe the gift will make up for the lack of candles?

That's an IPod Touch, NOT a cell phone. Not yet dear.

Goofing off!

Happy Birthday! We all love you Hannah! What a beautiful young lady you have become, both inside and out.