Sunday, February 1, 2009

Recovery Day #3

Everything is moving right along with Scott's recovery. Today they took out the IV and he was able to shower. He looks and feels much better and it is easier for him to walk around without that IV pole and all those tubes. He is eating now and had Cream of Wheat for breakfast. Yummy! He should be able to come home soon.

Kids, don't forget to watch the Superbowl tonight. We'll be watching here. Gabriel is all ready. =)


Anonymous said...
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Hannah said...

Haha, Gabriel has the remote! We will watch the superbowl, Cardinals are going to win! I just randomly picked the team I was going for. We will still record the superbowl for you. Even though you said you'd watch it there. love you

Anonymous said...

from rachel

i hope you are. i am doing ok. we just got back from chuch. well i am glad that dad can walk an dglad that your be back soon.

love you

Abby said...

Glad to hear Scott is doing better today... We have been keeping updated with your blog.. Hope to see you soon..
WE are praying for you..

scottc said...

When I first read this post, I thought you said they were taking out the TV so he can walk around.

There's probably some truth to that as well :)


Anonymous said...

I'm glad dad can walk with out the tubes.
I'm glad you told me that you guys are going to watch the super bowl because I didn't know if I should watch it. Because I didn't know if you were going to watch it.

Love you guys.

Anonymous said...

Just needed to tell you this I went back and fixed all my post.
I didn't mess up that much.