Sunday, March 8, 2009


My mom told me a few people have been asking about Scott and wondering where the updates were. So, for those of you who have still been checking my blog, I am sorry. But, like I told everyone, I am not the most consistent blogger. I have not had much time since we returned from Mayo.

Scott is doing well. He still has pain but we do not return to Mayo until June so there is still plenty of time for healing and a miracle, which is what I am praying for. And, you are welcome to join me. =)

The rest of the family is doing ok. We were hit by a nasty bug this past week but are recovering now for the most part, just a bit of coughing here and there. It was rough for a while though. Poor little Evie slept for nearly 2 days straight and I was a little worried. But everyone is on the mend. It has been warmer over the past couple of days so I have been happy to get the kids outside for a little fresh air and I think that helped.

Here is a picture of me and Gabe out on our walk. I finally managed to get that boy, all 19 lbs of him, in a SHBC. Yay! For those of you who don't know babywearing lingo, that's a Secured High Back Carry. I can't get much done carrying him in the front anymore. This works much better.

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Abby said...

Stephanie, I'm glad your family is getting better.. WE have a little bug around here too... hopefully we are on the road to recovery.. i'im so very ready for warm weather to stay around.. I just got a hotsling for Pierce.. I love it.. I knew you always used a sling and was going to call and see what kind you use, but decided this would work for now.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it,,, i said I didn't know you could buy a "third arm" i'm running out of them these days... take care..