Friday, April 10, 2009

We love you Becky and Dennis!

Scott and I have been going on house hunting trips to Louisville/Southern IN. While we were away this past Wednesday checking out some of the homes, our wonderful friends Dennis and Becky offered to keep the kiddos. They all had a blast. They got to go horseback riding, play with Gordy (the dog), plant flowers at the greenhouse where Becky works, and ride a school bus!

Evie playing with Gordy. Both slept very well that night.

Becky backpacking Evie.

And thank you Mr. Dennis!
My homeschooled kids have always wondered what a school bus ride was like. Now they know!
Here is the bus they got to ride on.

Here is a flower Mary Kate brought home to me from the greenhouse. She said she grew it herself.
And I would like to say a special thank you to my daughter Rachel for being the designated photographer and capturing the day in pictures so Mom and Dad could see all they all the fun they had.

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