Wednesday, July 22, 2009


A few have asked for some specifics of Scott's surgery. I thought I'd post that here on my blog rather on facebook.

As most of you know, Scott was up at Mayo and and had a temporary ileostomy done back in Feb. He had an internal pouch inside but was struggling to keep it functioning. It was becoming infected and a sinus cavity had formed behind it, lying against his tailbone, that also had become infected and abcessed. The temporary ileostomy was created to allow the entire area to rest and hopefully to heal. We were to return sometime after June to check and see if it had healed. Scott was trying to wait as long as he could.

About a month or so ago his pain started to return. Actually, it never completely went away but it had lessened somewhat. Then just a week or so ago it became intense. He returned to Mayo to have tests. The MRI showed that the cavity behind the pouch had grown 3 times larger and the entire area was abcessed. It had not healed. While Scott was here the pain become even worse and he started to have fevers again. He returned to Mayo just in time. The surgeon said he needed surgery right away. They call the surgery a "take down". That is when everything that they had created before, the pouch, etc, is completely removed and a permanent ileostomy is created. It was a long, complicated surgery.

The surgeon said that cavity was so large and abcessed that it was going to require a muscle graft to be taken from his leg. But, during surgery, he decided not to do that. I have only spoken briefly with the doctor and both Scott and I still have a lot of questions. I am not sure as to why he chose not to do this part. Hopefully, I will get to speak to the doctor soon. This is a very busy place!

So, that is where we are right now. Recovery will take a while. Scott is still in a lot of pain and struggling with nausea. Please remember him in your prayers.

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Abby said...

thanks for the information Stephanie. I was wondering all that was taking place also .. you are all in our prayers... god bless...