Wednesday, January 28, 2009


It's cold. Who turned off the heat?! I know we are in MN but this is just crazy!

We are off to the clinic today for tests. I'll update this evening....

Edited to add...I found out why I was so cold this morning. The heat in our room was not working. It was freezing! But it is fixed now and we are nice and toasty.

And yes my dear children, I am reading all of your comments. =)


Hannah said...
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Anonymous said...

From Jacob

Theres a whole lot of snow on the ground it made some trees tilt.
I really want to play in it.
And 100,000 people are with out power in the surrounding area.
And hannah and rachel says that there were blue flashes they think it was the flash on lost.
Are power went out for a little bit two.
I don't think the cleaning lady's coming today.
When you come home I have a surprise for you I think you will like.

Love you guys

Hannah said...

last night there was blue flashes and me and rachel thought we were shifting between the future and past like on Lost! haha. but it was just lighting. we lost power once for one second last night. there is tons of snow on the ground, and the pillows on the swing on the veranda are covered in snow. do you think we should take them off? are you reading these comments? oh yeah, yesterday, grandpa went to wessleman's and we picked up tootsie rolls, icecream, lemonade powder stuff (that zachary wanted) and other stuff. are you reading these comments?

Ps. I forgot how to check messages on the phone. you will need to tell me again because we have a voice mail I can't check

Anonymous said...

from rachel

how are you going. i relly miss you how is gab i hope he is good.
and i hope you are ok to. tell me how it goes.

p.s. did you see my other comment