Thursday, January 29, 2009


Scott is in recovery now. I don't know any details yet. The nurse couldn't tell me much. I'll talk to the doctor later. I am off to wait in the hospital room now. Be back this evening.


Anonymous said...

I hope dad will be OK.

The photos. on the bottom the one with the guy standing up with tons of snow on him was.....ME. I was freezing after that ride.
I love you guys and I hope dad is OK do you have any Idea of when you coming back since I will miss you guys.

Love you guys.

Anonymous said...

from rachel

it was a lot of fun in the snow. do you no if you will be back befor next week. are you cold there i hope your not. is gab ok. well hope it goes ok.

love you

Hannah said...
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Hannah said...

it was alot of fun in the snow, with jason pulling us around on the innertube. its cool that you put up the pictures of us! (: I rode with Olivia, Rachel rode with Issac, and then we all rode by ourselves and we wore bike helmets! We are home now, and the power is back, we ate Burger King on the way home. We all cuddled and hugged Sammy who meowed in protest, ha ha!
OK, I hope dad is ok.
We are having Lasagna tonight! and american idol is on tonight.