Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We are at Mayo!

Scott set up the internet for me. Thanks Sweetie! I'll post updates every evening so, kids, don't forget to check!

Gabriel is happy. He didn't cry a bit today on the plane. I am so thankful. He seems to like our hotel.

And here you go kids...a picture to remember your folks. Don't forget us while we are gone. Love ya!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I"m so glad you guys made it there safe. I hope you guys have a great time there.

I help mary with her school and I did my school 2.

P.S. I love you guys.

Anonymous said...

From Rachel

hi guys how are you doing. i miss you and especially gabriel. the picher you sent of gabriel was so cute.

Anonymous said...

thx for posting that pic of u and dad, since we're probably never see you again...lol

u r coming back, right?

Hannah said...

We all had to make google accounts/blogger accounts to comment, except Rachel, she just used Jacob's account. I did school today, and we ate noodles and ham sandwhiches for lunch, and noodle, steak, roast, corn, and mashed potatos for supper...yum! :) I wonder what you ate, probably mcdonalds or something. miss you! I hope you are reading the comments!

Anonymous said...

from rachel

i still miss gabriel, is he ok. so you off to get the test well i hope it goes ok. well i miss you relly much. tell me how it goes

p.s. I MISS YOU!

scottc said...

We'll be praying for success and a safe trip.

We had nearly a foot of snow here in Indy.