Friday, January 30, 2009

Recovery Day #1

It's tough the first day. Scott is pretty uncomfortable to say the least and struggling a bit with nausea. But he did get up and walk this morning.

Thanks kids for all the prayers. Continue to pray for Daddy to get up and walk, walk, hurts but the more he walks the better he will feel. He has a pretty large incision and so it's tough to move around. I'll take some pictures of him walking soon. We didn't get any today cause his hair was too messy and I left his brush in the hotel room. LOL!

And, it is official. My cell phone is dead. The charger was broken in our luggage during the flight so.....if you need me call the hotel.

Gabriel is doing great. He made a friend. Her name is Leah and she is also 4 months old. We see her everyday. =)

Be back for updates soon!


Anonymous said...

I hope dad will get better soon. I will still pray for him to walk and walk and walk with no pain.
I love you and I hope Gab likes his new friend Leah.

Love you guys.

P.S. Mom did you cry because I ask you not to cry.

Anonymous said...

from rachel

i hope dad is doing ok, and i am glad that gabe has a new friend. I miss you, when you get home i will hug you so long and hold gabe so long.

love rachel

p.s. hope your back by monday

Hannah said...

hey, I hope dad will walk and walk. who is Leah? are you friends with her mom?

Regina said...

Scott, I am so glad to know that you were up moving around today. Me and Jim have been praying for you. Mom also wanted me to tell you she loves you and you are in her thoughts and prayers. I really like Stepanie's blog. I like being able to keep in touch with you. I will check in with you tomorrow. Love your little sister, Regina