Thursday, January 29, 2009

Back from surgery.

Well, Scott is finally in his room. Gabe and I were able to visit for a bit. He is having some pain but in good spirits. I still have not been able to speak to the surgeon but assuming all went well. Hopefully I be able to catch up with him tomorrow to find out all the details.
Hey kids, Dad says he loves you too. Don't worry, he is doing just fine. We will be home in no time. I told him all about your snow day and he can't wait to see the pictures. We love you!


Anonymous said...
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Hannah said...

I hope dad is ok... right now we are watching The Bee Movie, and eating popcorn, and grandma is having trouble feeding it to Evie. I really hope dad is ok. I really really hope dad is ok. I really really really hope dad is ok. I really really really really hope dad is ok. I really - ok I'm done.

Anonymous said...

OH dad I love you, mom can you tell dad that I love him VERY MUCH. I got really sad when I saw the photos. DAD I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH.
Mom don't cry while you are there please.

Love you guys.

P.S. I'm very sad and remember to tell dad that I love him.

Anonymous said...

from rachel

how are you doing. is dad ok. i hope dad does not have much pain. when i saw the pichers of dad i was really sad. sothat night i prayed so hard that he would sleep well and be ok .

love you

scottc said...

Praise the Lord that surgery is over. The Cunningham's are continuing to pray for a quick recovery.

It won't be long before we'll all be swimming in your pool!