Sunday, January 25, 2009

What's been going on with the Krodel's Part II

So, what happened in June? Scott got sick...really sick. He started having some intense pain. Doctors said it was inflammation and infection in his "pouch". It is fairly common and called Pouchitis. This was not the first time my dear husband had suffered from a bout of pouchitis. However, in the past, the infection had responded well to antibiotics. Not this time.

This time Scott went through months of antibiotics but the infection did not get better. In fact, it was getting worse and new symptoms seemed to be popping up every day. He saw more doctors and had more tests....

In all, Scott was seeing 5 doctors at the same time. He saw his gastroenterologist, colorectal surgeon, orthopedic surgeon, infectious disease specialist and a chiropractor. We were told he had a severe case of pouchitis, a dislocated tailbone, a fistula and an infection in his tailbone.

My poor husband was getting sicker and we had no answers as to what to do about it. He had 2 MRI's, 2 CT Scans, and a bone marrow biopsy yet the doctors were not in agreement about what to do for him. So, all the test results were sent to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Doctors there reviewed his case and talked to doctors here and finally decided upon a plan of treatment.

This is where we are today and one of the reasons behind this feeble attempt at blogging. Scott and I will be traveling up to Mayo Clinic. We leave on Tuesday, Jan. 27. Scott will be undergoing some more tests to confirm the diagnosis then he will have surgery. First, the doctors will drain the infection from the pouch then they will be giving him a temporary ileostomy to divert stool from the infected area. This will allow the pouch to rest and, hopefully, to heal. He will have the ileostomy for approximately 6 months.

I'll be posting pictures and updating this blog from Mayo when I am able. I mainly want to do this so my kiddos can see Daddy and know what's going on and not worry so much. But, I want to share updates with family and friends as well.

Please remember Scott and our family in your prayers.

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